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The story of Klass Wagen is about people who, back in 2009, have refused to forget about dreams and ideals, refused to be reasonable and wanting only "achievable" things.
It started with 4 people, 7 cars and many big ambitions, about being the best, the biggest, getting to the top and about "there is only 1st place and the rest".

As everyone knows, on top of Everest, nobody gets there alone. You need a team of people who move, communicate and function as one and complement each other.

Our story was written together with all those who are now our colleagues and those who have once been ... They are all part of the Klass Wagen story. We thank every member of our team once again, for their effort on putting the customer first and delivering excellent service.

Klass Wagen has been active for more than a decade in the car rental industry, becoming a national car rentals leader for leisure travel. Our fleet of over 3000 cars is present in Romania (in the main cities with the airport) and in Hungary (Budapest).

Customer appreciation for our services has helped us grow year after year. This has led to the opening of new locations both in the country and abroad.

The Klass Wagen team consists of over 160 colleagues focused on providing unforgettable customer experience. This fact is proven by our customers online positive testimonies / reviews.

Why choose our services?

* Quality / price ratio is great.

* You will find the perfect car for your needs. This is ensured by the largest fleet of rental cars in Romania.

* We pay great attention to customer loyalty, that is why we often organize contests for our existing customers, where we offer substantial prizes (Iphone 7, 10 days free rental for VW Tiguan, VW Passat or VW Golf).

* The quality of the services offered by us has convinced more than  1900 customers to review our services with very good or excellent reviews (according to reviews on Facebook, where we have a rating of 4.8 *, the maximum being 5 *). This rating gives us the top position in terms of the most appreciated car rental company in Romania.

Do you want to join our team? 

If you are looking for a young, ambitious team, guided by managers who know how to make the most of your qualities, then Klass Wagen is the right place for you.

We offer you the possibility of a beautiful career and to develop new skills that will help you professionally but also personal.

Click this link I want to join the team and you can be part of this success story.




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