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RENT & WIN Once a month, you can win a rental with a Crossover for 10 days! How? In order to enter the contest you have to be a Klass Wagen customer and follow the below steps

  • rent a car from us this year;
  • write a feedback about your experience with us;
  • or complete a survey regarding your experience;

Next, we will invite you to watch the live draw, here on our official Facebook page, on the 10th of every month, 20:00 (UTC +2:00), to find out if you’re the lucky winner





1.1. The organizer of this campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Campaign”) is KLASS WAGEN SRL, based in Timisoara Municipality, Bdul. 16 DECEMBER 1989, no. 35 A, registered in the Commercial Register under number J35/351/2005, tax registration code RO17197919, with the notification registered under A.N.S.P.D.C.P. under number 17687, hereinafter referred to as “organizer”.


1.2. The campaign shall be organized and conducted internationally following the provisions of this Regulation (“the Regulation”), which shall be binding on all participants.


1.3. The campaign will run at the international level from 08.07.2021, 00:00 a.m. to 30.07.2022, 23:59. The campaign is conducted on the organizer's official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/KlassWagen.KW) and the Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/monica.klasswagen. The campaign provides the organization of the monthly contest on the 10th of each month, at 12:00 (UTC+02:00).


1.4. The campaign shall be organized to promote the company's services following the provisions of this Regulation.


 The Regulation shall be available free of charge to any applicant during The Campaign by publishing it on the link: https://www.klasswagen.com


 The organizer reserves the right to amend the Regulation during The Campaign and such changes will only take effect after their prior publication on the above-mentioned website.




2.1.This Campaign is aimed at any natural or legal person who is a client of the organizer (Klass Wagen S.R.L. and Klass Wagen K.F.T. and Klass Wagen IDA ), is registered in the contest by publishing a review on the submitted pages and meets, cumulatively, All other conditions for participation mentioned in Section 3 below 


2.2.The participation in contest involves full knowledge and unequivocal acceptance of this Regulation.


2.3. The employees of the organizer, the employees of the companies which the organizer is working with, as well as members of their families (children, parents, brothers/sisters, husband/wife) are not allowed to participate in the contest.




3.1. To participate in the contest, interested customers falling within the category referred to in Article 2.1 must:


Rent a car from the organizer and return it on the date in the month of the prize;


The take-over agents will send them a message on Facebook Messenger, from the profile Monica Klass Wagen, with the instructions to be followed to participate;


Write a review on the indicated links about your experience with the Klass Wagen team. The CITY of car lifting must be mentioned and signed by THE FULL NAME used for the reservation or complete any survey related to the rental car, that the customer receives on their email;


After posting, respond immediately to the received message on Facebook Messenger, with the text “Posted” or send a screen shot with the completed survey;


The interested clients will be invited to watch the live contest on the official Facebook page of Klass Wagen, on the 10th of each month, at 12:00 UTC+02:00, to announce the winner. 


3.2. The following conditions will be considered necessary and sufficient (cumulative) for a customer of Klass Wagen to be entered in the contest: 


The customer agreement on the processing of personal data to participate in The organizer’s campaign;


The customer agreement on campaign Regulation conditions (Communication of his data in this Campaign, processing them by the organizer for the entry in the contest, preliminary validation, and draw-offs of prizes and the distribution of prizes);


Rental of a car during the competition;


The date of the conclusion of the rental contract corresponds to the month corresponding to the contest. 


3.3. Each entry to the contest shall be subject to a preliminary validation process and shall meet all the conditions listed in Article 3.2. 


3.4.The organizer of The Campaign shall not assume responsibility:


To fill in the data incorrectly;


If the contact details provided for entering the contest are not the customer. In this situation, the organizer will not be able to contact him if the registered participant will be designated as the winner;


 For unannounced interruptions to the website and/or the server hosting the website because of congestion of the internet networks during periods of heavy traffic;


 the blocked server on which the website is hosted, because of congestion of internet networks or unannounced interruptions in the internet service; 


3.5. The organizer shall not be liable or assume any obligation and/or liability in respect of potential problems (including technical matters) in the process of entering the contest. 


3.6. In so far as the conditions to enter the contest are not fulfilled by a participant with all the information referred to in this Regulation, that entry shall be invalidated. 


3.7. All entries to The Contest will be checked by the organizer's compliance representatives.


 3.8. Participation in the contest involves knowledge and fully express and unequivocal acceptance of this Regulation.


2.3.Employees of the organizer, of the companies with which the organizer and the companies involved in the Campaign work, as well as members of their families (children, parents, brothers/sisters, husband/wife), may not participate in the contest.


The organizer shall not be responsible for entries that do not comply with the conditions set out in The Regulation Such entries will not be valid and the participant will not be registered in The Campaign database with the respective registration. 


3.9. The entries meeting of the conditions, laid down in this Regulation, shall be validated as such in the campaign. 


3.10. By signing up for the contest, the customer agrees that the data entered on the form should be validated, processed and used by the organizer.




4.1. The following prizes will be awarded by drawing, each month:


12 prizes, each consisting of 10 days of a rental car on any of the Crossover class that KlassWagen owns: VW T-Roc, Skoda Kamiq, Renault Captur, Ford Ecosport, Peugeot 2008, Ford Puma, Jeep Renegade etc, depending the availability of the cars.




4.2. The total commercial value of the prizes awarded during the Campaign will be communicated at a later stage, as the model for the drafting of this Regulation does not know the purchase value of each prize. 


4.3. Prizes awarded may not be replaced by other prizes, nor shall they be awarded in cash. In the event of a refusal by any winner to receive the prize (i.e. refusal to accept the prize and refusal expressly and unequivocally) or in the event of its invalidity under this Regulation, he shall lose the right to award the prize, without any compensation from the organizer. The organizer shall proceed with the validation of the reservation extracted per Article 5 of the Regulation. If the organizer cannot validate another participant as the winner, then the organizer reserves the right to stop awarding the prize. 


4.4. The organizer shall provide a Voucher for the 10 days of Rental with Full Insurance, with no expiry date.

4.5 The winner may claim the prize with a 3 weeks notice ahead.




5.1. The winners of the prizes will be randomly chosen by drawing lots. The winners shall be drawn on the 10th of each month, starting on 10th August 2021 at 12:00 (UTC+02:00). The prize winners will be extracted with a view to the winning potential of the monthly prize, and a reserve will be drawn, which in case of the disablement of the winners will be replaced by the substitute.


5.2. The prize winners will be informed by the organizer within five working days of the date of the prize draw, by telephone or by e-mail. Each winner shall acknowledge, within 5 working days the receipt of the message, that he has participated in the contest and provide proof that he is the holder of the rental contract. If they do not respond within the time limit or communicate any of the data referred to in this Article to the organizer, they shall be invalidated and shall lose their right to receive the prize and shall, therefore, proceed to the validation of another winner in the list of reservations extracted. To be validated as a winner, the participant of the contest shall fulfil all the conditions described in this Regulation if neither the reserve is validated, the organizer reserves the right to stop awarding the prizes. 


5.3. The name of the winners will be published on www.facebook.com/KlassWagen.KW within 10 working days of the date of validation of the winners for each draw. To validate and receive prizes, the winners will have to sign the personal data processing agreement in the form sent by the courier organizer. 


5.4. The award of prizes shall be made within 30 days of validation, based on a report. The prizes will be sent by e-mail through the organizer's representatives.




6.1. In the desire not to harm any client who wishes to participate in the campaign, the organizer reserves the right to make checks regarding the right to participate.


6.2. If, as a result of the checks carried out by the organizer, participants will be found trying to defraud the registration process in the contest, the organizer may refuse to these persons the right to claim their prizes, resulting from their non-compliant activity. The organizer's decision shall be final. 


6.3. The organizer reserves the right to proceed to the verification of the data submitted by the participants in the campaign after the end of the campaign. The organizer may also undertake any investigations permitted by law on how the successful designated users participated in The Campaign.




7.1. The names of the winners and the awards won in the campaign will be published on www.facebook.com/KlassWagen.KW, in line with the obligations imposed by the Government Ordinance No 99/2000 regarding the commercialization of market products and services, subsequently amended by Law No 650/2002.




8.1. The Entries before or after the period referred to in Section 3 of the Regulation will not be taken into account. 


8.2. The organizer will not take responsibility for any losses, delays or other problems in entering the contest caused by the internet provider or the internet connection of the person who wishes to sign up for the contest. The organizer may also not be liable to impudence the unannounced interruptions/dysfunctions of the internet provider or to block internal access because of congestion during periods of heavy traffic which may jeopardize the campaign enrollment during the campaign period.




9.1. The organizer, for the campaign, processes the personal data of the participants in this campaign in accordance with the provisions of Regulation No 679/2016 — General Data Protection Regulation, which became applicable as of 25.05.2018, as a controller registered with The National supervisory authority for The Processing of Personal Data on the basis of notification No 17687. 


9.2. Personal data collected in this campaign will not be disclosed to third parties, except for the organizer's agents and counterparties, as notified to each participant at the time of the agreement to process personal data, the organizer will be bound by the applicable law in force in the data processing operations. 


9.3. By registering in the contest, participants say they agree with the Regulation Of The Campaign Contest, they expressly say that they agree that their data should be processed by KLASS WAGEN S.R.L, based in Timisoara Municipality, Bdul. December 16, 1989, nr 35 A, registered in the Commercial Register under number J35/351, tax registration code RO17197919.


 9.4. Each participant also agrees to participate in further direct marketing activities by confirming the express and unequivocal agreement for processing its data by KLASS WAGEN S.R.L, based in Timisoara Municipality, Bdul. December 16, 1989, No 35 A, registered in the commercial register under number J35/351, tax registration code RO17197919 and/or its partners, directly or through persons empowered to enter into direct marketing activities thereafter. Each participant declares that it is aware that it may exercise its right of information, access to data, the rectification of data, erasure of data, restriction of data processing, object to data portability, withdrawal of consent, by written, dated and signed request, free of charge, sent by email to [email protected] Participants will also be informed that they have the right to complain about the competent supervisory authority. 


9.5. The purposes of processing the personal data communicated to the organizer are the performance of the rental contract(s), participation in the contest, the designation of winners, the validation and award of prizes and other subsequent activities. The data submitted for subsequent marketing activities will be processed until the participant requests the change of option.




10.1. In the event of disputes between the organizer and the participants of the contest, they will be settled amicably. If it is not possible to settle disputes amicably, the parties of the dispute will refer the dispute to the competent Romanian courts at the organizer's premises for settlement. 


10.2. Any complaints about the running of the contest can be sent to the following address: Otopeni, Bucurestilor Street, No. 289, Ilfov County, Postal code 075100 or email address: [email protected], within a maximum of 2 (two) weeks from the publication date of the winner(s) who consider themselves harmed in any way. After that date, the organizer will no longer consider any opposition.

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