Klass Wagen | General conditions of car rental in Romania


1.1 For renting a car, the CLIENT has to possess a national or international driving license, valid for at least 1 year and to present identification documents and a valid credit card issued on its name.

1.2 The CLIENT is directly responsible for obtaining and possessing all necessary documents including but not limited to the driving license stating his right to use the public roads both in Romania and in the countries he is to visit/transit using the rented vehicle KLASS WAGEN exempt of any liability in the matter.
The CLIENT expressly assumes full responsibility for renting a vehicle and driving it on Romanian territory declaring expressly that he possesses all necessary documents, including an international driving license in case the possessing of such a licence is mandatory according to the law.

The circumstances when the law provisions an obligation to possess an international driving license to drive a vehicle on Romanian territory (in compliance with art. 83 paragraph 2 of OUG 195/2002) are: (i) when the petitioner possesses a national driving license issued by a UE non-member state; (ii) when the petitioner possesses a national driving license issued by a state which is not a member of the Vienne Convention with regard to traffic; or (iii) when the petitioner possess a national driving license issued by a state with which Romania has not concluded an agreement regarding the  mutual recognition of driving licenses.
The CLIENT shall obtain the right to use the vehicle based on the national driving license stating the date when he attained such right.

1.3 To qualify for a standard car rental,  the main driver and additional drivers have to be at least 23 years old and to have a driver license valid for at least 12 months.

Klass Wagen offers the possibility to clients that are younger than 23 years old (minimum age is 18 years old) and/or have a driver license valid for less than 12 months in the following conditions:

 - If the main driver or additional drivers have a valid driver license with less than 12 months of experience, the client will have to pay an “Inexperienced driver” fee of EUR 1000 ;

 - If the main driver or additional drivers are younger than 23 years old ( from 18 to 22 years old) and have a valid driver license with minimum 12 months of experience, they can rent a car if they pay the “Young driver” fee of 4 EUR for each day of rental. The drivers that are older than 23 years, will not pay the “Young driver” fee.


2.1 The fees are established and stated in EUR/day and they include: VAT,RCA Insurance (Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Motor), Rovinieta, Road Assistance with national coverage, the oil, Vehicle maintenance, suitable tires, depending on the season ( winter tires between 01 November – 31 March and summer tires between 01 April – 31 October), technical support 24h/24h.

In the below table you will find the immobilization fees per day:

* The above prices are for one rental day

** The prices are in EURO

*** The above tariffs are for informational purposes only, as they may fluctuate depending on availability. For updated rates, please make a simulation with the specific dates on our site.

2.2 The rental fee does not include the following: fuel costs, road taxes, any fines received for not complying with the driving rules on public roads and the national legislation in force, bridge passing taxes, stationary taxes on airports, etc. The full payment of these amounts shall be incurred to the CLIENT.

2.3The full payment can be made in advance, via bank transfer, on www.klasswagen.com website or at the signing of the rental Agreement by credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD) in RON (for Romania) / HUF (for Hungary), calculated according to the Unicredit Bank  exchange rate + 1% on payment day.

The policy for canceling a reservation already paid and confirmed

The CLIENT can cancel a reservation that was paid in advance, via wire transfer in the following conditions:

a) If the date and time of pick-up is more than 24h than the cancellation date, the client will receive the full amount paid (in maximum 5-7 working days) MINUS 20 euro that represents bank commission charges and logistical fees.

b) If the date and time of the pick-up is less than 24h than the cancellation date, the pre-paid amount will NOT be refunded. Klasswagen will issue a credit voucher for the full pre-paid amount, wich the CLIENT can use at a future reservation .

 *If the CLIENT wants to cancel a reservation and block the amount paid in advance for a future reservation, we will issue a credit voucher for the full amount. All cancellations will be announced via e-mail at [email protected] or by clicking the "Cancel" from the "Manage my booking" email that the CLIENT has received.

2.4 The reservation of the Vehicle shall be considered certain only after the CLIENT accepts the rental offer and after the CLIENT receives “the Reservation Confirmation” and the unique reservation code by e-mail.

2.5 The Reservation shall be confirmed for a class/category of vehicle and not for a specific vehicle. Klass Wagen cannot guarantee a specific trademark, model, motorization or color of the Vehicle.

2.6 Provided that at the time of the delivery, Klass Wagen does not have a vehicle available of the class for which it confirmed a reservation, it shall deliver a vehicle from the immediate superior class without additional costs for the CLIENT.

2.7 A 200 km/day limit is included in the rental cost.

2.8 Grace period for picking up the car is 3 hours. If your flight has any delay or if you will not make it in time for your booking, please let us know.  


3.1 KLASS WAGEN provides shuttle service (shuttle bus) free of charge for its clients from Departure Terminal of the airport to the Klass Wagen working point and vice versa, located in the place where

delivery and returning of the Vehicle were mutually agreed by signing the Rental Agreement.

3.2 The customer will receive the car's documents in copy in order to prevent any missuse.

KLASS WAGEN PORTUGAL is committed to supply the customer in relation with the state's authority the original documents in maximum 48 hours since the request has been made. 

3.3 The Vehicle shall be delivered in good functioning conditions, clean and hygienic, without any other dysfunctionalities and damages of the coachwork or interior than those emphasized on the “Delivery/Returning Paper” at “Delivery” section.

3.4 The CLIENT acknowledges and verifies the Vehicle’s situation before signing the Rental Agreement and any complaints regarding its situation shall be mandatoryly brought on delivery date and they shall be detained in the Delivery Paper/Returning of the Vehicle, at the “Delivery” section, the CLIENT being fully and directly responsible for any damage which has not been mentioned in the document mentioned above. Claims/objections regarding the Vehicle’s situation following the delivery are not acceptable.

3.5 The CLIENT undertakes to return the Vehicle together with all documents, keys, accessories and equipment in good condition (as they were taken over) at the place and time agreed in the Rental Agreement.

3.6 If there is a delay of more than three hours regarding the time specified for returning the Vehicle in the Rental Contract, the LESSOR reserves the right to inform the Police about the theft of the Vehicle, excepting the case when the CLIENT notifies KLASS WAGEN about its option of extending the Vehicle rental period.

3.7 If the Vehicle is returned excessively dirty, during the night and/ or in bad weather, when the inspection of the car is impossible, the Vehicle will be checked in maximum two business days, after the LESSOR had all the proper conditions to inspect the car. The CLIENT will take full responsibility for all damages found until the Return sheet is issued.

3.8 The Delivery and Returning of the Vehicle shall be done during the working program of KLASS WAGEN (08:00 AM – 06:00 PM). In case the Delivery or Returning takes place outside these hours or during the days qualified as public holidays a fee shall be perceived in amount of Euro 10 for every action of Delivery and Returning the Car outside the program hours and 25 Euros during legal holidays.

3.9 The Returning of the Vehicle in any other city than the city where the Vehicle has been taken over is possible only with the prior written consent of KLASS WAGENand depending of the transfer possibility. For this service called “One Way Rent”, a transfer fee will be applied depending of the city in which the Returning will take place and the city from which the Vehicle has been rented. The fees for this service are presented in the table below:

3.10 When returned a damaged Vehicle, the following must be submitted:

* the protocol issued by the Police, and a repair authorization (in case of accident or damage with an identified third party, whether you are responsible or not);
* copy of the drivers license;
* copy of ID documents;
* copy of Liability Insurance;
* copy of the registration certificate of the other party involved.

Otherwise, no complementary insurance or additional protection services will apply, and you will be liable for all damages attributable to you, especially those suffered by the Vehicle, within the limit of the market value of the Vehicle, to which the expenses and costs are added, generated for the transport and  immobilization of the Vehicle, but also for the compensation of the damages possibly caused to a third party.



4.1 The CLIENT takes full responsibility (financial, civil and criminal) for the non-compliance of the using conditions provided in the Rental Contract.

4.2 The CLIENT undertakes to drive the Vehicle in compliance with all legal dispositions regarding driving on public roads and consents that the Vehicle will not be used and driven:

a) in contradiction with the traffic, legal rules or other regulations;

b) for passenger transport purposes or any kind of transport of goods for a remuneration or to push or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;

c) while the driver is under alcoholic, drugs or any other forbidden substance’s influence;

d) in any kind of race, test, contest, off-road, as school-driving vehicle or for hunting activities;

e) on roads flagged as closed to the public driving or loaded over the maximum admitted load or over the maximum number of persons as specified in the vehicle’s coupon.

f) in any illegal activity;

g) on flooded areas or for crossing water courses;

h) other than according to the instructions and recommendations of the Vehicle’s manufacturer which the CLIENT received together with the Contract on delivery date;

4.3  The car will be used exclusively on the territory of Romania, crossing the border being possible only to the countries listed in the cross border accepted list below and only if the reservation holder presents a Visa / Mastercard credit card issued in his name, the LESSOR gives his written consent through a document expressly stipulating this, by paying the additional cross-border service fee and the additional pre-authorization of the amount of 50 euro on the credit card. This pre-authorized amount will be returned to the CLIENT at the end of the rental if the terms and conditions have been met; otherwise the pre-approved amount will be charged by the LESSOR.

For Cross Border Rentals a fee of 12.4 EURO/day will be applied (including VAT TAX)/maximum 150 EURO/rental/month.

Cross border accepted List of Countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

4.4 The Vehicle can be driven only by the signing person of this Agreement or only by a specified person herein and authorized by KLASS WAGEN.
4.5 The CLIENT shall not let under any circumstances the doors, windows, carrier or the vehicle itself opened and shall not let in any case the keys or vehicle documentation in the Vehicle.
4.6 In case of malfunction or any other damage, car repairs must be done by an authorized service location elected by the LESSOR only with consent of the LESSOR and in accordance with its instructions.
4.7 The CLIENT cannot in any circumstances sell or rent the Vehicle or place it as a gurantee.
4.8 In case of accident/incident or any malfunction, the Technical Assistance phone number is available NON-STOP 0040.374.779.709 and the CLIENT undertakes to inform without delay the LESSOR which will assist him and give all the instructions according to the situation.

5.1 The Vehicle is insured for damages caused to third parties during the period mentioned herein.
By agreeing to the terms of the Rental Contract, the CLIENT accepts the terms and conditions of the insurance with the franchise (Collision Damage Waiver - CDW) contained in sections 4. and 6. and through which the financial responsibility is reduced regardless of the culpable party for producing the ensured event, to a mandatory minimum amount for theft or for damaging the rented Vehicle. The minimum mandatory amount represents the insurance franchise (excess)/event which is the equivalent of the guarantee, object of Section 6 below.
5.2 Personal insurance of the CLIENT, the passengers, the luggage or of any goods shall not be subject to the Rental Agreement and is not covered by the Vehicle insurance, the LESSOR being not responsible for any damage or deterioration of the above.
5.3 If, following the use of the Vehicle, any claims arise towards the LESSOR, the CLIENT shall exempt the LESSOR of any liability. The LESSOR shall not be liable for any damages or losses of the CLIENT and for any damages produced by CLIENT’s fault.
5.4 In case of accident, total or partial theft, or destruction of the Vehicle while CUSTOMER is using the car (whether or not the event is due to the exclusive or common fault of the customer), a fact confirmed by the competent authorities, the CUSTOMER is liable with the amount retained as a Guarantee, except in cases where the damages caused by the accident, total or partial theft or destruction are not covered by the insurance policies, being expressly excluded and mentioned as such in the Leasing Agreement.
5.5 The Guarantee shall not be reimbursed or shall be refunded only partially in the expressed cases provided under articles 4.6 and 6.4.
5.6 The Guarantee may be formed as an insurance franchise for situations when insured risks occurs by CLIENT’s fault. The CLIENT is fully liable and has to pay all damages, costs and/or losses if the driver is under alcoholic or drugs influence, if the conditions provided by the Rental Agreement have not been observed as well as in the case when he does not present the necessary documents issued by the police (in case of theft, accident or any other incident).
5.7 In case of criminal offense, the CLIENT is civil, criminal and financial liable. In case of theft, if the CLIENT does not hand over the keys and the Vehicle’s documentation along with the theft proof (the record of findings) issued by the police, the CLIENT is fully liable: financial, civil and criminal, all the insurances losing their validity in this situation.
5.8 In case the Vehicle is not returned on the date, hour and the location stated in the Rental Agreement or in case of using it beyond the rental term without a prior written approval in this regard from the LESSOR, the CLIENT shall be fully liable (financial, civil and criminal), undertaking to pay the Vehicle rental until the recovery or returning date, to pay all the costs incurred to the LESSOR for the Vehicle recovery and an administration fee of 1500 euros. This action of the CLIENT constitutes criminal offense and shall be sanctioned according to the law in force. After the moment provided by the Rental Agreement for returning the Vehicle plus one hour, no insurance shall be valid anymore.
5.9 Non-compliance with the obligations mentioned in the above paragraph leads to termination of the insurance’s effect and the liability for the damages produced shall fully incur to the CLIENT, including the unrealized income during the period of immobilization of the Vehicle.
KLASS WAGEN shall not be liable for anything than illegal actions committed by their fault by performing the service made available to the CLIENT except the cases when the damage has been caused by the CLIENT with intent or gross negligence or the damage has been caused by the heath state of the CLIENT or third party action.
The damages caused by imprudence or negligence shall exonerate KLASS WAGEN of liability to the fullest extent possible and the CLIENT understands to be exclusively liable for damages caused directly or indirectly, partially or totally by the CLIENT’s behavior, renouncing to request any compensations from KLASS WAGEN. 

6. THE Deposit/ “RISK 0” SERVICE

6.1 At the signing of the Rental Agreement, the CLIENT has to block a Deposit on a credit card on the main driver's name between 200 and 4.000 EURO.
6.2 The blocked amount as Deposit shall be established depending on the class of the reserved vehicle (category), highlighted within the Reservation Voucher (The Confirmation) and the Rental Agreement, the CLIENT being aware of the exact value of the Guarantee precedent to concluding the Rental Agreement, respectively even on the date when he elects the vehicle object of the Rental Agreement.
6.3 The Guarantee shall be fully reimbursed to the CLIENT in the following conditions:
a) the Vehicle needs to be returned without any defects or damages caused by third parties others than those highlighted on “Delivery/Returning Paper” at “Delivery” section;
b) in case of damages/defects to the Vehicle caused by third parties, the CLIENT shall present all the necessary documents according to the respective situation and which attest its innocence (within Section 7 herein are highlighted the necessary documents);
c) The Vehicle is not returned excessively dirty (issue mentioned under art. 8.3);
d) The Vehicle has been returned with the same quantity of fuel as delivered, highlighted within the Rental Agreement or in the “Delivery/Returning Paper”;
e) The accessories (i.e. GPS, child chair, snow chains, etc) delivered together with the Vehicle on delivery date need to be returned in functioning conditions, without damages or defects other than those highlighted on “Delivery/Returning Paper” at “Delivery” section;
6.4 The total amount representing the Deposit or a part of it shall not be reimbursed if:
a) the Vehicle has malfunctions or damages, scratches or damages of the paintwork, car body or interior (upholstery, board etc), bent wheel rims, cracked or scratched, defective tires, any crack or scratch on the windshield or any other glass or plastic surfaces(including front lights, rear lights, side mirrors), missing, torn , scratched, dented or cracked parts of the vehicle or  any other malfunctions and defects other than those highlighted on “Delivery/Returning Paper” at “Delivery” section. Quantification of the damages shall be realized by relative to the international online service EUROTAX and KLASS WAGEN has the obligation to make available to the CLIENT an excerpt of the report issued by EUROTAX in electronic format, by e-mail, at the address mentioned within this Agreement, precedent to the date when the necessary amounts for repairs were retained in accordance with EUROTAX report. The CLIENT declares that he consents with the utilization of this impartial way of quantification of the eventual damages.
b) The CLIENT does not return the keys, documentation or any other accessories received on delivery date of the Vehicle;
c) Returning of the Vehicle does not observe the time and place established by the parties (except the case when the CLIENT notifies the LESSOR and the LESSOR consents in writing upon the modification of the date and place for the Vehicle’s returning);
d) On the date of returning the Vehicle, the technical status of the Vehicle does not correspond with the one from delivery date or if the gearbox or the engine present malfunctions caused by inadequate use, either visible and recognized by the CLIENT or detected by evaluation in authorized service within 48 business hours from the moment when the Vehicle has been returned, the CLIENT, having the right to be informed by e-mail, at the address provided within this Agreement, will be informed in relation to the time and place when the evaluation shall be done and at which he has the right to participate;
e) the CLIENT did not observe the above mentioned conditions or other conditions that incur to him by signing the Rental Agreement and following which damages were caused to the Vehicle;
f) If the rental car is returned with damages, others then the ones those emphasized on the “Delivery/Returning Paper” at “Delivery” section, the customer must present at the car return the record of findings from the Police, Annex 2 (for the insurance company), as well as the Repair Authorization (all signed by the Police officer that wrote the finding record and the stamp of the Police section).If not respected, the entire deposit will be charged.

6.5 Risk 0 Service may be purchased at the fee mentioned within the Rental Agreement, calculated depending on the number of days of rental and the reserved vehicle’s class having a value ranging between Euro 15 and Euro 100 per day and represents an optional engagement of the CLIENT through which the latter:

a) Reduces its financial liability to 0 in case of damage by its own fault or by the fault of an unknown author;

b). Benefits of replacement vehicle anywhere in Romania within 4 hours from the notice of the incident/accident;

b).1 Benefits of replacement vehicle ourside Romanian borders within 24 hours from the notice of the incident/accident, only with "cross border" service explained in Article 4.3.

c) Benefits of Roadside Assistance non-stop on Romanian territory and abroad (only under the conditions explained in Article 4.3);

d) Reduces the value of the Standard Guarantee to 0 Euro if the cross-border service has not been selected.

d.1 Reduces the value of the Standard Guarantee to 50 Euro if the cross border service is selected.

e) Has food and accommodation or the equivalent of the transport to home covered by KLASS WAGEN in total amount of Euro 70, in case one of the insured risks takes place;

To have the costs of food and accommodation or transport to home (only on Romania’s territory) covered, the CLIENT has to hand over on returning date of the Vehicle the Fiscal Bill representing the costs incurred with needs to mandotary be issued with the identification data of the KLASS WAGEN company mentioned within the Rental Agreement.


6.6 Risk 0 Service does NOT COVER situations when the CLIENT:

a) Drove under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances forbidden by the law;
b) Did not stop the Vehicle IMMEDIATELY after an accident/incident causing additional damages/malfunctions to it;
c) In case of accident, did not inform the Police or other competent authorities and did not obtain the record of findings;
d) Did not inform KLASS WAGEN within 12 hours in relation to road event occurred and did not fill on returning the Vehicle the affidavit on its own responsability regarding the circumstances in which the accident/incident has occured;
e) Used the Vehicle for illegal purposes, such as but not limited to smuggling, illegal transportation of articles or goods, theft etc;
f) Drove the Vehicle overloaded, used the Vehicle for pushing or tugging other vehicles, tugs or other objects or to transport persons over the maximum capacity of the Vehicle, against the registration certificate; 
g) Drove the Vehicle on unmarked roads on the Official Map of Romania, unpaved or rough (forest road), on road closed to public driving, in industrial areas or at the crossing of water courses resulting damages/malfunctions produced to the rented vehicle;
h) Used the Vehicle in contests, races or auto tests resulting damages/malfunctions produced to the rented Vehicle;
i) Used the Vehicle inadequately (to the contrary of the producer’s warnings) or in a destructive way, reason for which he caused damage to the engine, gearbox, wheels, tires or to the interior of the Vehicle;
j) in case of Vehicle theft, did not handover to KLASS WAGEN the keys and the Vehicle’s documents, the theft proof (the record of findings) issued by the competent Police department and the affidavit on its own responsability regarding the circumstances the event has occurred;
k) Drove outside the borders and territory of Romania, without the prior written approval of the LESSOR;
l) Permitted, by its own will or not, the driving of the Vehicle by a person unauthorized by KLASS WAGEN trough the Rental Agreement, fact proven through the Official Documents executed by the relevant authorities subsequently to the accident/incident;
m) Fueled the Vehicle with other fuel than the one indicated by the manufacturer (noted in the registration certificate) and highlighted on the exterior and interior side of the tank lid, fact that determines the CLIENT’s obligation to incur the costs of the tow, repairs, corresponding refuel, the period during which the vehicle was immobilized in service because of the damages produced and the administration fee (representing administrative costs such as human resources, time, fuel, taxes and fees, etc for management and solution of the situation);
If the CLIENT has purchased a Risk 0 Service and produced a damage/malfunction to the Vehicle initially rented, at the moment of receiving a replacement vehicle the CLIENT shall pay the equivalent or difference of the Risk 0 Service, as the case may be, for the new vehicle received at the rate specified in the Rental Agreement, otherwise KLASS WAGEN will block a standard Guarantee related to the class (category) of the Vehicle reserved.


In case of accident/incident or theft/theft attempt proven by Official Document issued by the competent authorities, the CLIENT has the following obligations, irrespective if he purchased Risk 0 Service or not:

a) To not abandon the Vehicle and to abide the legislation regarding leaving the place of the accident.

b) To take all the possible measures to limit the damages.

c) To inform without delay the Police of the locality in which the accident/incident took place to ascertain the accident/incident and to execute the legal procedures.

d) To inform the LESSOR in relation to any accident/incident produced, fire, theft or theft attempt even if the damage is only partially, at the assistance number available NON-STOP +40374020002 within 12 hours since the accident/incident occurred.

e) To obtain the record of findings from the Police, Annex 2 (for the insurance company), as well as the Repair Authorization (all signed by the Police officer that wrote the finding record and the stamp of the Police section).

f) To hand over to the LESSOR the keys and the vehicle’s documents as well as the documents mentioned above (point e).

g) To hand over to the KLASS WAGEN representatives at the returning of the Vehicle the Affidavit of the accident/incident (available in the glove compartment of the Vehicle) filled according with the reality regarding the circumstances in which the incident with the rented Vehicle has occurred.

Klass Wagen has the following obligations when these issues occur:

h) In case of accident:

If the car can be driven in safe conditions and none of the steering or braking components are damaged, then the car will be replaced in maximum 24 hours after the client presents the documents mentioned at article 7, letter "e".

If the car can no longer be used due the damages it suffered because of the accident, then company will replace the car in a maximum of 4 hours if the car is on Romanian/Hungarian/Portuguese territory. If the event took place outside of Romanian/Hungarian/Portuguese borders, then the car will be replaced in maximum 24 hours after the client can provide the documents mentioned at article 7, letter e.


i)  In case of technical malfunction

In case of a technical malfunction that immobilized the car or the car presents issues to the steering or braking system, then the car will be replaced in maximum 4 hours if the client is within Romanian/Hungarian/Portuguese borders and after the client confirms he is aware of article 6 in the T&C's or, if at the time when Company's representative will arrive there is no technical fault found, he will pay for requesting technical assistance without any justification. The amount will be communicated by the Company's representative before leaving for the client.

If the client is outside Romanian/Hungarian/Portuguese borders the car will replaced in maximum 24 hours after the client confirms he is aware of article 6 in the T&C's or, if at the time the Company's representative will arrive there is no technical fault found, he will pay for requesting technical assistance without any justification. The amount will be communicated by the Company's representative before leaving for the client.

j) In case of technical malfunction that does not immobilize the car, then the car will be replaced in maximum 24 hours after the client confirms he is aware of article 6 in the T&C's or, if at the time the Company's representative will arrive there is no technical fault found, he will pay for requesting technical assistance without any justification. The amount will be communicated by the Company's representative before leaving for the client.


8.1 First hour of delay relative to the established hour for returning shall be free of charge. Exceeding with more than an hour shall be penalized with the equivalent of a day of renting, plus equivalent of the additional services according to the Rental Agreement at the rates set forth herein.
8.2 The Guarantee may be formed as an insurance franchise for situations in which the insured risks occurre only in the cases when the incident causes pertains to the CLIENT and/or is provoked by unknown authors except the case when the CLIENT pays the fee “Risk 0”, being no longer liable for the cases in which the fault of the damage/incident pertains, under the conditions described at Section 6.
8.3 The rental price and also the Guarantee are calculated based on the prices made available to the CLIENT within the Agreement and shall be paid in advance on delivery date of the Vehicle. The payment made on rental date cannot, under any circumstances, be used for extending the rental period. If the CLIENT wishes to prolong the rental period, he needs to obtain in advance the written approval of the LESSOR and to pay in advance any prolongation of the hereof. In case the CLIENT does not pay the bill on issuance date, the CLIENT shall also pay penalties in amount of 0.5% of the value of the bill per day of delay.
8.4 If the Vehicle is returned before the expiration term, the amounts paid in advance are not reimbursed. Because we appreciate our clients, in this case a voucher shall be issued equivalent to the unused value of the additional services,  in a limit of a maximum 3 days, which may be used anytime at any of the KLASS WAGEN agencies.
8.5 Parking taxes, road taxes, fines or any other taxes shall be fully incurred to the CLIENT.
8.6 The fuel is not included within the rental price. The CLIENT shall return the Vehicle with the same quantity of fuel than the one with which it was delivered, highlighted within the Delivery/Returning Paper of the Vehicle, otherwise the CLIENT shall pay the equivalent of the missing fuel plus a fixed tax of refuel in amount of Euro 15.
8.7 The returning of the Vehicle excessively dirty compared to the initial state shall be sanctioned with a tax in amount of Euro 50.The notion of “excessively dirty” means the situation in which the Vehicle needs detailed cleaning of the interior,namely more than a simple washing procedure.For example:stained upholstery, traces of mud on board, chairs or bench,perishable leftovers in the Vehicle,but not into a trash bag, etc.
8.8  SMOKING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in all vehicles rented by KLASS WAGEN. In case the Vehicle is returned with proofs which confirm smoking in the interior of the Vehicle, the CLIENT shall pay a penalty tax amounting Euro 124 to KLASS WAGEN.
In case the Vehicle is set on fire or presents traces of burning even partially in the interior because of smoking, the CLIENT is fully LIABLE for the damages produced even if he purchased Risk 0 Service. The CLIENT shall pay all damages produced to the Vehicle, highlighted within the repair estimate issued by an authorized service, the administration fee (representing administrative costs as human resource, time, fuel, taxes and fees etc for management and settlement of the situation) and the immobilization period. The insurances of the Vehicle DO NOT COVER damages caused by smoking!
8.9 Other taxes and penalties: Loss of keys = 250€; Loss of the documents = 200€; Loss of the accessories = 70€; Refuse to fill the Affidavit of accident/incident (including the case when purchased Risk 0 Service) = 150€. In the case that the Vehicle is not returned at the time and place established under the Rental Agreement, the LESSOR (the CLIENT) shall incur full costs of recovering the Vehicle. Additionally to the recovery costs a penalty tax in amount of 1500€ will be added; 250 euros + the cost of the technical intervention for the situation in which the car was fueled with a different type of fuel than the one indicated on the tank flap. The price for the technical intervention is determined according to the location where the car is at that moment.

KLASS WAGEN reserves the right to further collect from the CLIENT’s credit card: penalties, taxes, damages produced to the Vehicle, missed fuel, fines, the period when the Vehicle was immobilized in service because of the produced damages (it will be calculated the number of days of immobilization X the rate as displayed on the website www.klasswagen.com, in  2.1 VEHICLE PAYMENT/ RESERVATION article) plus a fixed tax of administration in amount of Euro 85 (representing administrative costs as human resources, time, fuel, taxes and fees, etc for the management and settlement of the situation). By signing the Rental Agreement, the CLIENT acknowledges all terms and conditions of the Agreement and consents that KLASS WAGEN may collect from its credit card during 1 year from the signing of this Agreement, all amounts provided by the Rental Agreement, but only in the cases in which such amounts are due strictly in accordance with the contractual provisions.



9.1 Any dispute that appears during the performance of the Rental  Agreement and cannot be solved amiably, shall be solved by the competent courts.
9.2 The CLIENT consents that the Rental Agreement is governed by the legislation in force in Romania and any legal action shall take place in Romania. The CLIENT consents that any additions or amendments to this terms and conditions are null and void if not convened in writing and signed by both parties.



10.1 The cases of force majeure shall be notified by the affected Party to the other Party within 3 business days from the occurrence. It shall be considered force majeure cases those unpredictable and unavoidable events irrespective of the fault of the Party that invokes it and which makes the obligations of this Party impossible to execute, for example: natural disasters, war, revolutions, embargo, public authority’s acts, etc. Proof of the force majeure case shall be made with the certificate of force majeure issued by the competent authorities.
10.2 If the force majeure continues for more than 20 business days, any of the Parties is entitled to request termination of the Agreement without the possibility for the other party to object, renouncing on the execution of the Agreement. In any case neither of the Parties have the right to claim compensation, but they have the obligation to execute all their obligations until the date when the force majeure case occurs.
10.3 “Fortuitous case” means a circumstance which has the origin in the activity area of the CLIENT or a circumstance of external origin which has no extraordinary character and may be predicted and prevented with the care and diligence of the most capable person.



11.1 KLASS WAGEN SRL („KLASS WAGEN”) will process the personal data provided by the CLIENT before or during the performance of the Rental Agreement in accordance with the applicable personal data protection legislation.

11.2 The categories of processed personal data. The categories of personal data processed by KLASS WAGEN in relation to the CLIENT differ depending on the stage of the performance of the Rental Agreement, however these will include: contact information (name, surname, home address, e-mail address, telephone number), identification information (identity card, passport, nationality, date of birth, driving license), bank account information, held credit/debit card.

11.3 We will process these personal data submitted by the CLIENT as data controller for the purpose of concluding and performing the Agreement, invoicing the services offered by KLASS WAGEN and their payment, as well as for handling the requests and the complaints or the fulfillment of the legal obligations of KLASS WAGEN and for sending to the CLIENT’s email address by KLASS WAGEN of the feedback survey regarding the offered services. Further details on how the personal data provided by the CLIENT are processed, the applicable purposes and on the legal grounds can be found in our Privacy Policy available on our website www.klasswagen.com.

11.4 As a data controller, we will take all technical security measures to protect the personal data provided by the CLIENT against unauthorized access, destruction or loss. However, we mention that this data will be made available to the competent public authorities, when this will be mandatory under the law.

11.5 The CLIENT will have the obligation to ensure that the provided personal data are accurate, up to date, and strictly limited to what KLASS WAGEN has requested in order to conclude and perform the AGREEMENT.

11.6 The CLIENT benefits of access right, right to data portability, intervention right upon the data for their rectification or supplementation, the right to not be subject to an automated individual decision and the right to address to any court. At the same time, in certain situations, the CLIENT has the right to oppose data processing related to him and to request its deletion or to request the restriction of the processing activities. For further details regarding these rights and also regarding the modality of their exercise, please refer to our Privacy Policy available on our website www.klasswagen.com.

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